hypoallergenic alpaca wool scarves by p+a
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Welcome to P+A Furniture

Since 2007, P+A Furniture has designed and built high quality furnishings that integrate a modern aesthetic, functionality, sustainability, and, make inherent the idea of buying for a longtime, if not a lifetime.

P+A makes furniture, soft goods and more, in collaboration with other fabricators and suppliers in our neighbourhood and region. Each furniture collection — such as the centro, divider and stacked lines — has a unique design language. The centro collection is a play on cantilevers and modularity. P+A Furniture also designs and builds one-of-a-kind commissioned pieces in response to clients specific requirements.

Our passion for design extends to other local and Canadian artists, designers and fabricators, such as Keilhauer, GreenSleep, Crescent Moon Duvet & Pillow Co, LUprints, Tsunami Glassworks, Janice Wong and Janine Duns. Lifestyle products such as Kama Natural Soap and Pangea Organics may seem incongruent with furniture, but they fit with P+A’s sustainable living philosophy. More than just eye candy, coffee table or reference books, Taschen and Ammo books artfully bring together photographs, illustrations, writing and more to inspire and engage.

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